Walk a Thon 2018

We are hosting our 7th Annual Walk a Thon.  Saturday June 2 in Strathroy & June 16 in Leamington beginning at 10:00am.  Our goal this year is to raise $35,000 to go towards our 5 Fold Ministry – Water, In Country Future Development, Pastors, House Building and Operations.  We know we can only achieve this with the support of many people.  Please join us or send your support in with one of our Board members or you can e-transfer funds to one22ministries@gmail.com.

Walk a thons 2017

Thanks for a Successful Part 1 of our Walkathons. God provided an amazing day of weather for our walkathon. About 35 of us gathered to raise funds towards our goal of $30,000 and giving 600 families clean water and helping support pastors and their families, building houses, in country future development and towards our operating needs. At this point we are around the $17,000 mark. There are still some more funds to come in before our part 2 in Leamington this coming Saturday June 10.

It’s never too late to help us towards our goal. You can send a donation by mail or just hit the DONATE button.

Thanks – Tom Hunt

Successful Annual Banquet

Our 3rd Annual Banquet turned out to be our best yet.  With close to 90 people in attendance and about 1/3 of those being first timers!!  A great meal was had by all.  Joe shared with everyone our Social Media sites – FaceBook – https://www.facebook.com/One22Ministries/  and then took everyone for a virtual tour of our Web Page – www.one22ministries.org.  Tom then followed up with sharing our Celebration topics of the evening.  God has blessed us with enough monthly supporters to have 10 full time men acting on our behalf in Cuba.  They are serving churches in the role of being Pastors.  We have also been able to surpass our goal of 800 BioSand filters by the end of 2015 – we currently have 880 filters!!  Thank You God.

John then took the platform and asked people to prayerfully give towards our day to day operating needs.  People gave – our goal was $8,000 – we have received just over $11,000!!  Once again thank you God, and thank you to those of you who gave.  We are truly humbled and thankful.


Our 4th Annual Walk 4 Water walk-a-thon is only a short 2 days away.  $40.00 will place a water filter in a home which will give a family of 6 their daily need of water for up to 50 years!!  Wow if only that is what our water bill was here in Canada!!

It is not too late to give towards our drive towards $22,500.00.

Give Tom Hunt a call at 519-860-4869 to find out more information.

Walk 4 Water

Calling all walkers and runners.  Saturday June 6th beginning at 9:00am at Alexandra Park in Strathroy we will be gathering for the purpose of raising $22,500.00.  These funds will enable us to continue providing BioSand Filters to people in Cuba.

Begining at 9:00am Tom Hunt will be putting on a demonstration of how a BioSand Filter is actually built.  You will see firsthand how the cement is poured into the mold and how it is extracted leaving a cement form to be used as the Filter.

Then at 10:00 everyone will be sent out onto the 6km route.  Why 6km you may ask?  6km is the average distance that a female will walk daily to get water in Africa.  On the route you will be given a water bottle with some pond water in it.  You will carry this bottle for the remaining of the route and then pour the water into our working BioSand Filter to see clean water come out.  A very simple process but one that is saving lives.

At the end of our walk/run you will be thanked with a burger or hot dog and of course a bottle of water.  This year we are encouraging people to get out and find people to support you.  For every $250.00 you raise, you will be given a chance to win a prize from several that have been donated to us.

Please contact Tom Hunt at one22ministries@gmail.com for pledge sheets.

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