Pastors Needing Support

Are you interested in providing the funds to support a pastor?  We have missionary pastors who are in need of your support.   For only $75.00 per month we can be the conduit for getting your funds to the need.  This amount will provide for the pastor and his family.   Read an excerpt from a pastor who currently gets support:  “The president of our Convention wanted you to know that he is very grateful for supporting the churches in our area of need.  We continue to pray that God will continue supplying the funds necessary for the filter project and to support the pastors.  This has allowed the pastoral stability in the place where years ago it was not possible. The longest time a pastor would stay before was 2 or 3 years. Those who are helping to support these pastors with money are collaborating with the kingdom of God because with pastoral stability the churches are growing and are stable now and are built and strengthened. We are thankful for the work you are doing in our community. It has been a blessing. We wish you congratulations in this year 2016, may God continue to bless with His grace above you and your family. Please don´t forget us.”
Currently we are supporting 27 pastors full time.  This allows them to concentrate on shepherding the church instead of going out and working in the fields picking crops and making very little money for very hard work.  We still have 10 Missionary Pastors who need our support.

Please contact Tom Hunt for more details on how you can impact many others through supporting this pastor.