Costa Rica 2020

Our week in Costa Rica started off great. God gave us a great bus driver on a double decker bus to safely get us to the village of Olla Cero. Our team from Ontario arrived late on a Thursday night after a day and a half of traveling. The next day we were able to give the pastor the rest of the money needed to finish the church that we were there to help build. That money was raised collectively by our team members through God’s help. While most of the team helped pour concrete, a few team members stayed and helped with the kids camp that went on throughout the week (VBS). As soon as the work started, God allowed us to encounter His works through many ways. What was first a huge set back turned into a blessing. A dump truck dumped dirt in the wrong spot, but came back the next day with a front end loader to fix his mistake. After moving the dirt to the correct location, he then proceeded to level the ground for us which took away a day’s worth of work for our team. God was behind it all. At the same time, every day had a few more kids coming to the kids camp where we taught about God’s love and mercy. The kids alone were such a great blessing. The music, the crafts, the dancing, and the games were all very exciting to them, which made it such a memorable time for us. God allowed us to make great relationships throughout the week. Our three translators were teenagers from different parts of Costa Rica. They were a big help, and it was inspiring to see God using them throughout the week to help us make these relationships. Through the physical work we did, and the relationships made, God allowed us to overcome many obstacles mentally, and physically. It was a very successful short-term mission trip. Thank you to all who may have contributed through financial support, or by praying for our team.

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