Gift of Water for Christmas


Still wondering what to get Uncle Henry or Aunt Hilda for Christmas.  Yep they got everything they need already, don’t they?  Well this year why not give something in their honour.  Give the Gift of Water.  I would like to suggest to you donate to One22 Ministries on behalf of your friend or family member instead of getting that yearly black pair of socks or that apron that will never be worn.  For every $40.00 we receive, we will be able to install a BioSand Water Filter in a home that will last from 30-50 years.  Imagine that.  For the cost that we pay here in Canada per month, we can give water for 30-50 years.  Once we get your information, we will contact you to get your recipients mailing information so that we can send them a card explaining the water project and that you have donated on their behalf.  Or we can send you the card so you can give it to them directly.  Any questions please contact me, Tom Hunt @ 519-860-4869.  Merry Christmas.

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