New BioSand Filter Mold Has Been Ordered

At our last board meeting on February 23rd, we agreed it was time to have our 3rd BioSand mold created and sent to Maisi.  What does this mean?  Well currently we have 2 molds in the Maisi area in full operation producing BioSand filters.  Since the delivery of our first 12 filters back in January 2013, these 2 molds have gone under rigorous use.  As of the end of February 2015 we now have 563 filters made and in homes!  The demand is high so we are responding.  It is with great pleasure that I announce the order of making our 3rdBioSand mold has been given.  Our welder in Havana will begin his endeavors to find the correct materials and begin to build.  This may take a while because the raw materials are usually difficult to find in Cuba.  Please pray with us as the production of this mold gets under way.  I also want to add a personal note.  This endeavor can only be accomplished because of the many faithful donors that have given to this project.  Thank you for your gifts of love.  Tom Hunt

Bio-Sand Filter Mold

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