"Do not merely listen to the Word, and so deceive yourselves, do what it says." James 1 : 22

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Support for National Workers Maximizes Impact

At One22 we see the benefit in engaging nationals to do ministry on our behalf in their own country. The first obvious reason for this is that they already know the culture in which they are doing ministry and for this reason are much more effective in reaching their communities with the Gospel of Christ. There are no longer any language barriers as well. Whereas this could take years for a missionary to learn, it is no longer an issue. This now puts us in a position to quickly engage in sharing Christ with others.

Specifically we find an area in which a Pastor is needed to come along and shepherd a community of believers. We then identify such a man or woman, and then begin to supply their monthly financial needs so they can now Pastor their flock. This income now enables them to no longer go out and seek other employment. They are paid enough to care for themselves and their family’s needs.

These are trained and dedicated men and women who share the message of Jesus Christ to their own people. These men and women are highly effective since they already share a common language and culture with those to whom they minister.

Currently $75.00/month will enable us to fully support a Pastor and theirs family in the Maisi area of Cuba. If you would like to begin a conversation with us about your involvement in supporting a Pastor, please contact us.

We also have engaged men to do all of our manual labour in building our BioSand Filters. They are compensated according to their labours. This results in helping to sustain an economy in a very desperate community.

National Workers, Cuba