Report of Maisi Trip – Way over due

Yes I am back.  So sorry this update has taken soooo long to write up.  I am pleased to say that the trip was a huge success.  All of my goals were accomplished and then some.  Let me share a  couple of highlights if I may.  First of all it is always an interesting time going through customs when you are carrying sooooo much stuff.  Stuff like: a huge 1 1/2 inch 27 inches long wrench, stainless steel nuts and bolts, hammers, 750 feet of surgical tubing, a 24 inch long 1 1 /2 inch threaded steel rod, etc, etc.  And the good news is – through customs without a hitch.  God wanted everything we had to get there!!

Another highlight was meeting all 9 of our supported pastors who live in Maisi.  They were actually at Puriales at a Pastors Conference.  I got to meet each one of them and I had a meeting time with them.  I was able to share how thrilled we are to be able to support them and to have a part of what God is doing in and through them.  I shared with them our new process of getting reports from them.  I was able to get there feed back on our support.  I asked them how our support is helping them.  They overwhelmingly all agreed that by them getting supported they do not have to go out and pick vegetables to earn an income. And that income is very low and very hard and tedious work.  As they shared this, I couldn’t help but say in my head – Mission Accomplished.  Meaning that is why we wanted to come alongside these men.  We wanted them to get our financial support so they did not have to go out and get another job to have enough income to support their families.  Now they can just be a pastor and shepherd to their congregations.  I also shared with them the we are going to try our best to keep them at their current rate of support as long as we can even though the Canadian dollar is so low.  This is somewhat of a challenge, but we are trying our best.

So those were a couple of highlights.  There were many other very exciting things that took place on the trip.  I look forward to getting back to Maisi next year to see once again advancements in ministry.

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