Walk 4 Water

Calling all walkers and runners.  Saturday June 6th beginning at 9:00am at Alexandra Park in Strathroy we will be gathering for the purpose of raising $22,500.00.  These funds will enable us to continue providing BioSand Filters to people in Cuba.

Begining at 9:00am Tom Hunt will be putting on a demonstration of how a BioSand Filter is actually built.  You will see firsthand how the cement is poured into the mold and how it is extracted leaving a cement form to be used as the Filter.

Then at 10:00 everyone will be sent out onto the 6km route.  Why 6km you may ask?  6km is the average distance that a female will walk daily to get water in Africa.  On the route you will be given a water bottle with some pond water in it.  You will carry this bottle for the remaining of the route and then pour the water into our working BioSand Filter to see clean water come out.  A very simple process but one that is saving lives.

At the end of our walk/run you will be thanked with a burger or hot dog and of course a bottle of water.  This year we are encouraging people to get out and find people to support you.  For every $250.00 you raise, you will be given a chance to win a prize from several that have been donated to us.

Please contact Tom Hunt at one22ministries@gmail.com for pledge sheets.

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