Walk a Thon Update

Well it has been some time now since our Walk a Thon.  But our supporters have been giving cheques right up to 2 weeks ago.  We now have our final number in.  A reminder that our goal was $22,500.00.  I am very pleased to say that with all money in and including some commitments for the next 10 months, our grand total for our 2015 Walk a Thon is – drum roll please – $23,075.00!!  That is $575.00 over our Goal. That my friends is a lot of Water Filters.  That is a lot of families with clean water.  That is a lot of families hearing the Gospel Message for the first time.  On behalf of myself and the One22 Board, I would like to thank everyone who supported us in the endeavor.  We look forward to keeping you up-to-speed with the water filter progress and our Walk a thon of 2016.

Tom Hunt

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